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How Can I Get A Visa To Canada?

 Your application solely depends on the reason for being in Canada. What do you plan to achieve there? Student visas differ from those of immigrants hoping to immigrate to Canada, whether temporarily or permanently.

If you are on tour coming from the US and planning to be in Canada for 180 days or less, there is no need to apply for a visa. If you are an immigrant, then you will certainly need one.

Ways to Get a Canadian Visa

A work permit works as a visa for entry into Canada if you are looking to work in the country. Some of the Canada work visa requirements include:

  • A valid passport from your country
  • Passport size photos that comply with the visa application specifications
  • Documents to prove you qualify for the job

These two key documents will accompany the online application form you will fill. You will need other requirements too, including a Labor Market Impact Assessment, which will be issued by the ESDC to your employer.

The requirements are unique to each region.

Once you fill the forms online and submit all the required documents, you will be asked to pay the set fee then wait for feedback, which will be communicated to you electronically.

The Canada visa application process is automated, and you will be prompted to submit your documentation online. You will need soft copies that you can either scan or take photos of before sending.

  • As A Federal Skilled Worker

You will fill the online forms and submit the information required detailing your proficiency in the language, age, work experience, and adaptability. Your score will determine your fate, but you can always reapply of you fail the first time.

  • Business Residency

A businessperson planning to start a business in Canada is welcome to start the process that could get them permanent residency.

  • Family Sponsorship

A family member or spouse could sponsor you for a limited time before you become independent. Through them, you can visit Canada visa application and apply for residency.


Study Permit

If you are a student in Canada and wish to extend your stay, you have to apply for it at least 30 days before the expiration of your study permit. A study permit in itself is not a visa, which is why you gave to apply to extend it to be able to stay in the country longer. Of not, you can apply for permanent residency, but that too has to be done before expiry.

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