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How To Move To Canada From South Africa

Many South Africans may be of the opinion that moving to Canada would be time-consuming and impossible. Well, it is not beyond reach as you may think. With the available opportunities for work, the move to Canada could be easier than that of other countries such as Australia.

You have different entry points especially now with the Express Entry program that only needs you to fill your details online.

  • Through School

You can use your plan to further your education to facilitate that move to Canada. If you wish to study for less than six months, you will not need a study visa, but longer than that will require you to get one.

  • As A Federal Skilled Worker

You can apply to get into the country as a Federal Skilled worker, and if you qualify, you will gain permanent residency. You will be taken through the points system for education, age, language fluency, the ability to adapt, and work experience. You will be required to garner at least 67 out of 100 points to be eligible for entry.

  • Federal Skilled Trades Person

For you to qualify for admission under this category, you will be required to meet the following criteria;

    • Have at least two years of experience in professional trade in the last five years preceding your application.
    • Have one of the two: A Canadian trade certificate or a one-year job offer in Canada. It can be either one continuous job that extends for one year or two that add up to one year. 
    • Pass a written English test, have a CLB 5 for Listening and Speaking and have a CLB 4 for Reading and Writing.
    • Have enough money to sustain your family.

Through the Canadian Experience Class

For you to qualify in his category, you will need to have had 12 months of work in Canada in the last three years before application, during which time, you will not be a full-time student. You will meet the language requirements which are CLB 7 for NOC O and A and CLB 5 for NOC B. You will also have enough funds to support your family

  • Provincial Nominee

To qualify in this pool, you will need a written English test, a nomination certificate issued to you by a Canadian province, and enough funds to sustain your family.

You will still need to get through the points system to determine your qualification. With the Express Entry program, you could have your permanent Canadian residency in only six months.

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