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How can I move to Canada with children?

How can I move to Canada with children?

Moving to Canada from any country in the world may be one of the best decisions that any person can make. This is mainly because Canada is an amazing destination for a number of reasons. Most notably, it is home to a sizable job market which is able to absorb many employees from all corners of the earth. You can migrate to Canada based on a number of reasons. But, you have to adhere to certain procedures irrespective of the reason for your migration. Suppose you are moving to Canada with children, the following information is for you.

Work permit

If you want to move to Canada with your family, you will definitely have to work and generate income. Otherwise, you will not be able to support your family not or allowed to enter into Canada. In order to work (often depending on the work you intend to do), you have to be in possession of a work permit. You can apply for a work permit online. Individuals with job offers are the ones who are eligible for a work permit. Provided you have managed to secure a job in Canada, taking your family with you is not likely to be a problem. This is often straight forward. The authorities are mainly concerned about the ability of the immigrant to meet one’s needs and those of the family.


Traveling to Canada now requires individuals to be in possession of a valid passport, a visa and an eTA (electronic travel authorization) if they travel by air. Your entire family is supposed to be in possession of a valid eTA to be able to travel to Canada by air.

Health issues

If you are migrating to Canada with your family, you will need to be in possession of valid medical insurance. You can set up medical insurance in your home country or make arrangements in Canada. This is often prerequisite to entering the country for purposes of becoming a foreign resident.

For refugees and asylum seekers

Canada does accept individuals who apply for asylum or those who migrate to the country because of the political strife in their countries. But, there is a procedure that such individuals have to follow. If you are moving to Canada as a refugee or as an asylum seeker, you have to apply formally for such a status to be granted to you. It is possible to apply online for consideration as a refugee or asylum seeker. Generally, such individuals are allowed to move with their children and spouse provided they are also in danger of losing their lives should they continue staying in their native countries.



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